Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hippeastrum 'Mocca' -- Cut Flower Variety

Hippeastrum 'Mocca' is very beautiful hybrid and I thought it deserved a post of its own!  This hybrid is typically used for cut flowers and isn't sold as dry bulbs, I'm not actually sure why as it's so incredibly beautiful. 

I think it's apparent that H. papilio holds the key to some of the genetic qualities of this hybrid, just look at the veining from the lighter colored midribs that extends to the end of the tepals.  Hopefully this plant grows as well as H. papilio which is a quite common species sold in the dry bulb market. 

I also think it's possible to attribute some of this hybrids coloration towards Hippeastrum evansiae, the brown/pink colors are often found in this species if given correct lighting and temperatures during blooming periods.  Some clones of H. evansiae show quite a bit of pink whereas some show none at all.  There are some clones which are almost entirely pink! 

Once 'Mocca' has matured the flowers take on the charismatic appearance of  H. papilio's famous "Butterfly Wings", they wave and twist and appear almost as ruffled doilies.  This also adds to the beauty that is 'Mocca'.   'Mocca' also has incredibly tall scapes, measuring in at 2.5ft. I am sure this is an obvious necessity for cut flowers.  

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