Friday, November 18, 2011

Hippeastrum aulicum -- Epiphytic Species From The Atlantic Forest

Hippeastrum aulicum is a very robust species from the Atlantic Forest in Brazil; this species in particular is from Sao Paulo State.  H. aulicum has a large distribution in South Brazil stretching through several states.  There is a variety of different forms as well.  Currently I grow H. aulicum var robustum, 'Biritiba', 'Quiririm' and a very nice pink form which I got from a great friend in Argentina!  I've seen pictures of his in bloom and WOW! is all I can say, they're actually pink! 

H. aulicum is an epiphytic species and is found growing in trees but is also found growing on rocks or in plant litter on the forest floor.  I think that the fact it grows in a multitude of areas naturally makes for a much stronger, easy to grow plant.  This is a species which I do recommend most beginners who are interested in growing Hippeastrum species, it's readily available and quite easy from seed.

I plan to eventually mount a bulb or two on a wood plank to see how will it will grow, H. aulicum has very fiborous roots that will cling to wood surfaces. I know of others who have mounted H. papilio in such a manner and it has thrived, H. papilio is also an epipytic species from the Atlantic Forest.  H. aulicum and H. papilio are closely related, I see many charecteristics in both species that are very similar, if you looks closely the bottom segment it creates a tube that houses the filaments, this is also observed in H. papilio.

   It has actually be stated by the late Len Doran that H. papilio was a hybrid that produces seed true to the parent plant that is expected withing a species, if this is the case I assume that H. aulicum or H. calyptratum (epiphytic as well) have some role in the parentage considering the epiphytic nature of H. papilio.

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  1. Wonderful blog! I really love reading all those details about each hippeastrum! As I am just a newbie this is all important for me since my idea of ecology pushed me to buy only species seeds... Then I thought it was probably the wrong thing to start with.