Friday, September 23, 2011

Hippeastrum papilio x brasilianum -- A Fragrant Semi-Trumpet Bloom

Hippeastrum papilio x brasilianum -- This is a wonderful cross of H. papilio and H. brasilianum that really shows the progeny of both species quite well!  There are between 3-4 blooms usually on each scape that are fragrant as a result of using H. brasilianum. The higher flower count is also inherited from it's father, H. brasilianum which usually carries four flowers per scape.  Hippeastrum papilio is much less giving with two flowers per scape, I have seen a wonderful clone that has a three flower count which is quite rare!  Hippeastrum papilio is vividly expressed in the bloom with many like characteristics such as the green cast on the tepals, the cranberry markings and overall coloring where as brasilianum adds a semi-trumpet shape to the bloom and creates some intriguing twists and turns with the tepals!

Hippeastrum papilio x brasilianum
F1 cross
Overall I think this bloom is a winner, it's a strong growing plant and fragrant as an added bonus (which isn't all too common in Hippeastrum), I will enjoy this bulb for quite some time!  The leaves are glaucous with a rounded tip, the bulb has an ovoid shape with a short neck with very tall scapes.  The bulb is self fertile, it would be great to see what the offspring may look like!

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  1. Acabo de descubrir este blog. Enhorabuena por su colección de hippeastrum. A mí también me encantan y ahora mismo estoy cultivando varios hippeastrum especies o botánicos a través de semilla.